Importance Of Self Help Books


As part of the development regime, books are an absolute must. Their ability to turn our world around should not be second-guessed by anyone. Instead, they must be embraced with all that is within us to make the change we crave for. However, not every book on the shelf is guaranteed to make the positive difference we yearn for. Which is why we always have to be on our toes no matter where we go. Our books are our future, and we must invest in them heavily.



Greatest authors of all time

Self-improvement begins with the kind of books you read. Taking time to invest in yourself wisely through books is a commendable step. Challenge yourself to read over 30 Best Self Help Books in a year and see the radical change. Though it is not easy to commit yourself in this manner, you will see results in the long run. The best authors of our time have taken the liberty to share their knowledge with us. All the more reason for us to partake of these bountiful riches.


Do your research

This will enable you to come into contact with personalities that have a clue on what they are writing about. The best part is when you find books that relate to what you are going through and how you feel. Do your research and find out the most befitting book titles and genres to see you through your noble quest. It would be such an honor because all resources are at your disposal. Your colleagues and friends can be of such great help as well. Not to mention the fact that no one would love to be left out of this popular trend of bookkeeping and reading.


Pursue your aims

Don’t just read books with no particular set of objectives. On the contrary, something must be going through your mind when listing down your books. Aim for an inner wave of change as you delve into the pile of written knowledge in your hands. You will know you have reached your goal when you apply what you have read in the books in question. As the name suggests, self-help books are intended to open your eyes. You are supposed to see yourself through a positive pair of eyes.


Pick up the pace

Now that your aim is only for perfection, self-help books will elevate you into doing just that. Reading the same book for a whole year would be unrealistic. The only time you will see real change and improvement is when you pick up the pace as you read your books. It is not fun to reach a point of stagnation, especially when in a quest to equip and empower yourself.



Join a book club

If you feel like you are dragging yourself too slowly, you might need some extra push. This means that you will need some back up to help you enjoy your new found hobby and benefit from it. It helps all the more if you are a stay at home mom. At least your spare time becomes productive to you as well as the society.…


The Significance of Learning to Drive at a Young Age

Cars have helped make the life of man easy in several ways. There are a lot of benefits that come with owning a car. You can move from one part of the country to another with ease. Using public transport means you have limited options because they are only destined for the specific areas the passengers are going. With your vehicle, you have the freedom to traverse all the places you need. Cars are also efficient for the transportation of commodities. You can carry your shopping with ease from the mall back home. One can even move their goods from one place to another. Every driver has to undergo training for them to drive on public roads.

Training is offered in driving schools and other certified institutions. As an example, Paul England Driver Training offers driving lessons in Exeter, a busy city in England. Driving lessons are essential because they teach you more than just steering your car. You get to learn the rules of your country001 when it comes to using the roads. Different nations have their traffic rules that should be followed. These rules can change with time. Professional driving lessons will keep you up to date with the regulations of your land. One can enroll for driving lessons after acquiring a standard age of 18 in most countries and 21 in others. Getting a driving license at a younger generation can be beneficial to on in several ways which include.

You are capable of employment

With proper training when it comes to driving and the use of roads, your chances of getting hired are high. One can be employed as a driver in different organizations. You should take advantage and enroll for driving lessons to try other avenues of employment in times of job scarcity. Drivers are known to be paid well depending on the organization you are working for.


003The hassle of using public transport for traveling purposes will be reduced and help you save time. You do not have to wait for public transportation or lift from friends to get to a certain point. If you do not own one, then you can hire to help you get to your destination on time. The hassle of walking from one place to another because you can’t drive is also reduced.


Learning to drive at a young age means you will gain all the knowledge needed to be on the roads. You will have the traffic rules of your area at your fingertips which will help keep you safe from trouble. Being familiar with the roads in your area is also essential because you will know where you can maneuver to avoid heavy traffic.…

Tips for improving your online teaching

Many universities and colleges have begun offering online courses due to the rising demand for these courses. Online education has enabled people who have busy schedules to advance with their education because they do not have to travel to campus. However, it is worth to note that this system is very demanding. Online lecturers are required to deliver high-quality content that is suitable for their students. An online course should be prepared in such a way that it is appealing and effective to the students. As an online lecturer, you should ensure that your students are well motivated and engaged. Otherwise, they might start using other videos if you do not motivate them. The following are some of the effective strategies that will assist you in improving your online teaching.

Utilizing technology

The use of technology should help you but not hinder you. This will involve incorporating a lot multimedia, synchronous videos chats in your teaching. In addition to that, there is a screencasting software such as Jing that has been developed by different companies to help you in producing easy and quick video tutorials for the students.

Anticipating the difficulties

Apart from using technology, learning and mastering content in a class is easier than doing it at home. Lectures delivered in person can be very dull sometimes. Sometimes you might experience some interruptions when using the internet. Again you might not know what the other students are doing especially when you are having text-based or asynchronous discussions.

Giving extra feedback

Just like the way you expect a reply upon sending an email, you should expect from your students. These are some mechanisms that enable students to give their feedback on a regular basis. For instance, you should encourage your students to send weekly video messages that summarize what they have done in that week. Giving feedback is the best ways of alleviating anxiety that your students might be having.

Incorporating synchronous opportunities

This is another powerful way of assisting students. The use of Google Hangouts and Adobe Connect can help you in incorporating these opportunities. These apps are very popular among students. They have been proven to be very helpful especially when the content is a bit confusing. Synchronicity is beneficial for motivating the students.

Encourage play

Online courses can be very boring at times because they involve a lot of lectures and reading. However, some elements can make your classes lively and enjoyable. For example, you can use pictures where applicable.


Outstanding Characteristics Of A Good Accountant

Accountancy is one of the precise jobs that requires the highest degree of headedness. As an accountant, your clients will expect you to exhibit great organizations skills as well as show the highest degree of precision. However, there is more that is required of you other than just being an excellent practitioner. Professional accountants are known for being precise and knowledgeable. The following are the exceptional qualities that every accountant should possess.

Excellent organization

An accountant is supposed to keep up with important figures, paperwork, and data in his or her daily jobs. He or she should have a system of finding the required information easily. Organizing the work is a great way of maximizing productivity and allowing time for undisturbed analysis and research. Attention to detail. They have a responsibility of making sure that numbers are correct and working. Being accurate will help in minimizing errors and mistakes that would have a negative impact on your client’s business.

Excellent management skills

Accountants are known for making an important role in making strategic decisions in a company. They have a responsibility of taking care of the different tasks such as financial management. Their schedules are always full due to their many responsibilities.

Focusing on client

An accountant has to deal with both the clients and numbers. These professionals should be oriented toward meeting the requirements of their clients. This will help them in deciding which economic measures and accounting rules could fit their client’s business. As an accountant, you need to understand the clients, industry, and sector in detail.


In the modern age, offices are constantly changing at a rapid rate. This means that accountants should be capable of responding to these changes effectively. They can do this by embracing challenges in the working environment and looking for innovative solutions or ways of solving them. This is what makes these professionals very valuable in any organization.


Great accountants are known for being creative. Being creative will help you in coming up with new and fresh solutions. Some of the problems facing the clients are not textbook cases. This means that you will be required to have the highest degree of creativity as well as paying special attention to your job.


Great communication skills

As an accountant, you should collaborate and communicate with your colleagues who are working in different departments. Besides, you should be capable of communicating the key insights by using visualizations especially when you are dealing with non-finance staff.


Olivia Gates-Author

I am very happy to announce that I’ll be doing three online chats in April and May, with readers and writers, to celebrate the release of my debut novel, DOCTORS ON THE FRONTLINE in May.

If you are someone who enjoys romance writing and reading, if you love books with high levels of action, grit, medical detail and sensuality, or if you just want to pick my brain about what it’s like to be a newly published author, it would be great if you join me in the chats.

The chats are spread out, so that if you find the timing of one chat inappropriate for you, you can join me in the next one.

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Grace Atkinson, Romance Junkies Reviews

Warning: This Is Not Your Mama’s Medical Romance!
Olivia Gates’ debut novel strikes the perfect balance between fast-paced adventure, medical casework, and intense romance. A compelling read I couldn’t put down. Don’t miss it!

And don’t miss her next books, EMERGENCY MARRIAGE in September 2004 and AIRBORNE EMERGENCY January 2005. These are additional GAO stories in continuity. I’ve got my copies on reserve!
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Julie Bonello, Cataromance Reviews

Dynamic characters, vivid descriptions, steamy sex scenes and authentic medical details make Doctors On The Frontline impossible to put down…
Read the full review!

Nikki Cole

Wow! Doctors on the Frontline is the most emotionally intense M&B; Medical that I have ever read!

I read it from cover to cover this afternoon and I’m feeling very emotionally drained. It’s ground breaking.
Well done to Olivia Gates for writing such an emotionally charged first book!

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They are two more books in my exciting series following the exploits of my doctor heroes and heroines all over the world. Through their affiliation with GAO, or Global Aid Organization, they go where there are people in need, no matter the danger or the cost to themselves.

In EMERGENCY MARRIAGE I go to Argentina after it’s financial and medical system’s collapse, where my GAO operative heroine and my local medical jack-of-all-trades hero handle the rampant chaos of a country ravaged by riots, collapsed economy and floods, while they handle the upheavals of their own turbulent relationship.

In AIRBORNE EMERGENCY my con-artist turned genius plastic surgeon hero tries to atone for his past by sponsoring GAO’s first Jet Hospital and tries to repay the man who’s rescued …