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I guess I have something unique.
Photo-coverage of my call!
Usually, if not always, editors call authors, or write them letters or emails to give them the fantastic news that they’re buying their book.

I got a face-to-face call!

And for the first time in my life, I had a camera when I needed one.

I was attending my first writing conference ever; the RNA conference in Guildford, UK.
For the first time too, I was meeting the women who’d become my dearest friends over the past two years. I was also getting to meet the authors I’ve loved since I was a child and the editors I’ve been submitting to non-stop for those two years. They were coming to give a workshop during the second day of the conference.
I was ecstatic enough as it was.
My editor Kate Paice, who’d had my revised manuscript for exactly sixteen days, took me outside during tea-time and gave me the news! HM&B; were buying my book!!!!

Insert mayhem here. Of the jubilant variety!

I can describe it all, but better still let me show you. In between tears and screams and hugs, some of my lovely friends managed to take those…
Hmm, no wonder my editor called it a “Grin Fest”.
Indeed! 🙂

(To see a larger photo, please click on it!)

That’s me strangl…ahem, hugging Kate, with my best friend Pat beside me!
Kate and me! Can you tell my mouth has never returned to its original size since?
Kate Paice, Kate Walker, me and Nikki Cole.
And here with Kim Young!
A group photo. A bit hazy. Ooops.
Screaming my news to Mom and Dh. I told my daughter;I sold my book, she just asked, “How much?”
Julic C, Me and Anna of C, all cleaned up at gala dinner!
Pat, me, Amanda, Barbara and Tracy, toasting my sale and our lovely get together!
Susan Stephens, me and the legendary Penny Jordan. Wow!
With Karin Stoeker!!
In the after dinner kitchen party, posing with Pat, Biddy and Julie C.
And more!
Last day, before saying goodbye, sniff, with Amanda Ashby, Helen Sneyd and Pat Posner

Friday 13 October 2017 6:14PM
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