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Benefits of Working Online

There are numerous job opportunities online, which people from across the world are taking advantage off to earn a living. These opportunities range from freelance services to online businesses that offer different products and services. There are many benefits which come with working online, some of which are highlighted below.

You Get to Work from Anywhere

online jobsWith online jobs, you do not necessarily have to go to the office each morning. You can work from home or anywhere in the world, provided you have a reliable connection to the internet. Doing so helps you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise use to commute to work each day. You get to enjoy the comfort of your home while working. It also gives you the freedom to travel to any place at any time.

You Are Your Boss

Working online means that you do not get to deal directly with managers and supervisors, who can get on your nerves. For freelance jobs, you get to be your boss as you decide the tasks to do and when to do them. That means that you experience less work pressure and get only to do what you enjoy doing. It also allows you more flexibility with regards to working schedules.

You Earn Decent Incomes

The primary purpose of working online is usually to earn money. Online jobs can earn you a decent living, depending on what you do. For most of the freelance jobs, the amount of money that you make will depend on the amount of work that you do. That means that you can earn a lot more by just working harder and make a decent living from online jobs.

You Can Try Different Jobs

There are many types of online jobs, which you can do depending on your skillset. You get an opportunity to experiment on a variety of jobs until you find what suits you best. It also helps to avoid monotony. If you have been doing the same job for a long time, you can switch to another job whenever you want. The freedom to do whatever you like makes working online quite job

It Is Cheaper to Start Working Online

Starting to work online is not only easy but cheap as well. You do not need vast amounts of capital as with many other businesses. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. For most online jobs, you do not even need to have certifications for you to start.

Olivia Gates-Author

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I am very happy to announce that I’ll be doing three online chats in April and May, with readers and writers, to celebrate the release of my debut novel, DOCTORS ON THE FRONTLINE in May.

If you are someone who enjoys romance writing and reading, if you love books with high levels of action, grit, medical detail and sensuality, or if you just want to pick my brain about what it’s like to be a newly published author, it would be great if you join me in the chats.

The chats are spread out, so that if you find the timing of one chat inappropriate for you, you can join me in the next one.

And here is my CHAT SCHEDULE

The Reviews Are HERE!

And I can’t be happier.
Here’s what they have to say…

Grace Atkinson, Romance Junkies Reviews

Warning: This Is Not Your Mama’s Medical Romance!
Olivia Gates’ debut novel strikes the perfect balance between fast-paced adventure, medical casework, and intense romance. A compelling read I couldn’t put down. Don’t miss it!

And don’t miss her next books, EMERGENCY MARRIAGE in September 2004 and AIRBORNE EMERGENCY January 2005. These are additional GAO stories in continuity. I’ve got my copies on reserve!
Read the full review!


Julie Bonello, Cataromance Reviews

Dynamic characters, vivid descriptions, steamy sex scenes and authentic medical details make Doctors On The Frontline impossible to put down…
Read the full review!

Nikki Cole

Wow! Doctors on the Frontline is the most emotionally intense M&B; Medical that I have ever read!

I read it from cover to cover this afternoon and I’m feeling very emotionally drained. It’s ground breaking.
Well done to Olivia Gates for writing such an emotionally charged first book!

Read the full review at

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bookWHAT’S NEW!!
I also sold my second book EMERGENCY MARRIAGE , which comes out in SEPTEMBER 2004, and my third book, AIRBORNE EMERGENCY which comes out in JANUARY 2005.
They are two more books in my exciting series following the exploits of my doctor heroes and heroines all over the world. Through their affiliation with GAO, or Global Aid Organization, they go where there are people in need, no matter the danger or the cost to themselves.

In EMERGENCY MARRIAGE I go to Argentina after it’s financial and medical system’s collapse, where my GAO operative heroine and my local medical jack-of-all-trades hero handle the rampant chaos of a country ravaged by riots, collapsed economy and floods, while they handle the upheavals of their own turbulent relationship.

In AIRBORNE EMERGENCY my con-artist turned genius plastic surgeon hero tries to atone for his past by sponsoring GAO’s first Jet Hospital and tries to repay the man who’s rescued …