Hospitality and leisure industry has created many jobs for many people in various parts of the globe. There are many employment opportunities in tourism and travel, most of which fall into this hospitality and leisure industry. For instance, in 2006, it was estimated that this sector created about 13.1 million jobs world word. Even though the pay is not very high, jobs in this field are very flexible with a nice atmosphere. Some of the major sectors in this industry include recreation, arts, entertainment, accommodations and hotels among others.

Accommodations and hotels include the various types of five-star resorts, RV parks, and lodgings all of which have created about 2 million jobs. Drinking places and food services created 9.4 million jobs in 2006. Individuals working in this industry have a great opportunity of meeting new people. The following are the top jobs in the tourism and travel industry.

Cruise ship director

The main duties of a cruise ship attendant include planning all shore and ship activities and onboard entertainment. This professional can also be a master of ceremony or even. He or she is also in charge of planning the tour itineraries.

Recreation Attendant

This area has different responsibilities depending on where someone is employed. Here the employees are tasked with providing essential services f0rn golfers, setting up games as well as operating park rides. An individual working as recreation attendants earn up to $ 8 in an hour.



The duties of a curator include managing the different activities in museums and other institutions such as arboretums, botanical gardens, herbariums, zoos and art galleries. They also acquire the differ exhibition items, authorize loan or sale of items as well as authenticating items which come on their institutions.


This is another lucrative job that involves taking advantage of the different weather conditions, guarding monitor swimming areas such as beaches or pools to prevent accidents, protecting and helping swimmers. They also caution swimmers against swimming in the unsafe areas. A lifeguard will also rescue when you are in danger of being drowned if necessary.

Gaming dealers

Can you imagine living in Atlantic City or Las Vegas dealing with money throughout the year? These individuals work in casinos and resorts where they are in charge of various games such as craps, blackjack. They are in charge of taking bets, determining winners and paying out the winners.


Information clerk

This professional is responsible for providing tourists with the important information. They are always prepared to answer questions from their clients or customers. For instance, they will tell you which the best nightclub in a certain area is.